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Get more real estate clients on autopilot.

This email marketing service for Realtors is for smart agents who are busy. You need to quickly build trust with leads, but you’re so busy doing a thousand other things. You’ll never have time to write a helpful email every week to every person who might someday use your services.

Great news. You don’t have to. We do it for you.

Your email marketing for real estate agents content package builds your business on autopilot. Proven copywriting strategies educate, encourage, and engage your future clients—while you do what you’re best at. Together, we boost your bottom line.

This done-for-you-real estate content package positions you as the trusted authority, the go-to real estate agent.

  • Everything you need for a full year
  • Emails and other content
  • Suggestions for when, where, and how to use it
  • Massive time savings so you can close more deals

Imagine effortlessly providing so much value to your customers that they automatically call you when they (or their loved ones) need an agent.

Just one real estate transaction more than pays for this valuable service.

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Did you know that emailing open house attendees right away communicates that you’re a personable, proactive, professional who really knows the neighborhood? Imagine how impressed a home buyer will be with you when they see an email notification pop up on their phone by the time they fasten their seatbelt to leave the showing! 

Whether they’re looking to buy or sell, they will be happy to have such a helpful agent (you) in their inbox, and you will naturally stay at the forefront of their minds whenever they or any of their connections need an agent. This package will build the know-like-and-trust factor automatically, while you do other things.

Effectiveness of Email Marketing Service for Realtors

As you may know, research has shown the following:

  • Email marketing generates, on average, $38 for every dollar spent.
  • The highest ROI of any form of digital marketing comes from email.
  • And 67% of real estate agents send marketing emails to their prospects at least once a month.

If your prospects and customers aren’t hearing from you, they’re hearing from your competition, and you’re leaving money on the table!

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